The Move-ons

Fri, 02.10.2015 - 21:00

It's all about the stories that you're in, not the ones you hear about second hand.
The motto that has carried Brighton band The Move-ons through many a manic tour in the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany and beyond.
TMO have been writing and performing their own blend of Soulful Indie Rock for over 4 years and are currently writing songs
for a new EP to be launched in Autumn 2015. A dedicated and loyal fan base dotted all over Europe has become
an essential part of the band's identity and purpose.
Tattoos of lyrics and festivals in the band's name are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to TMO's relationship with their fans.
Their high energy live show is filled with everything you could want from a seasoned touring rock band. Now touring
as an acoustic duo to give a different taste of what they are about, Damo Best and Simon Gledhill are a musical partnership
well worth adding to your gig calendar.