Sat, 17.10.2015 - 21:00

PATRICIA HILL is a female singer from Austria. Besides several singing contests (The Voice 2002, Die Große Chance,…) and transverse flute lessons, Patricia started singing education at the age of 13 – at first in opera singing and later in Pop-Rock vocals – as well as dancing education in ballet and figure skating. Shortly afterwards she gained experience on stage at a local cover band. Till 2014, Patricia was the lead singer for the band Cornerstone, originate from Moedling, and toured through Germany (Winestock Festival), Greece and the UK (Cambridge Rock Festival, Rock and Bike Festival, Cavern Club Liverpool).

Since 2015, her band consists of guest musicians, such as Patrick Cruz (guitar), Ari Tiihonen (drums and percussion), and Tom Niesner (bass). Their program contains well-known hits of the Pop- Rock history, as well as Blues, RnB and Rock’n’Roll. A melodic guitar, an infectious beat and a multi-faceted voice features this new, young band formation that is a show for all to see.
(In September 2015 she will produce her very first Solo-Album, which will be published in spring, next year.)