PATRICIA HILL is a female singer from Austria. Besides several singing contests (The Voice 2002, Die Große Chance,…) and transverse flute lessons, Patricia started singing education at the age of 13 – at first in opera singing and later in Pop-Rock vocals – as well as dancing education in ballet and figure skating. Shortly afterwards she gained experience on stage at a local cover band.

The Move-ons

It's all about the stories that you're in, not the ones you hear about second hand.
The motto that has carried Brighton band The Move-ons through many a manic tour in the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany and beyond.
TMO have been writing and performing their own blend of Soulful Indie Rock for over 4 years and are currently writing songs
for a new EP to be launched in Autumn 2015. A dedicated and loyal fan base dotted all over Europe has become
an essential part of the band's identity and purpose.

Josh Kemp LIVE

Josh Kemp is a singer songwriter from the UK.
After performing over 500 gigs in the last 3 years around the UK, Josh is taking his music to the continent with the help of an interrail ticket!

Acoustic Routes

Acoustic Routes are a vocal, guitar and mandolin duo who play a mix of songs ranging from Irish Traditional to popular standard and contemporary music. Alan and Leanne formed Acoustic Routes over 10 years ago and they have played at Festivals and venues throughout Great Britain and Ireland.


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