Open MIC Night

Sun, 23.10.2011

Mark is Molly Darcy's singing waiter and talent scout. Before he presented the attending bands of this Open MIC Night, he raised his own voice with acoustic alternative lovesongs. Wonderful :-)

And then came Charlewood, Lionheart and Think Freud!

Charlewood the English man started covering a couple of Pop- and Rocksongs. Then he went on presenting some of his own compositions. The audience loved his powerful harsh voice.

After that Ryan and Phil entered representing the Hardrock band Lionheart. For our Pub they kept their ballads rather soft and left their drums and electronic guitars at home. Thanx guys! You were great!

All of us were totally overwhelmed by Think Freud! Jelena's clear vocals electrified everybody. Milan's bongos and Damir's guitar solos were the perfect accompaniment to "Smooth Operator" (Sade) or "Sweet Child O'Mine" (Guns 'n Roses).